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Dollhouse-Ghost [08 Mar 2009|11:15am]
Whilst its still all new and shiny I thought I'd check out Dollhouse, rather than waiting for an Australian channel to buy it and delegate it to the midnight slot! While the concept is interesting I probably wouldn't have bothered except than its by Joss, so of course I had to check it out! Whilst there were a couple of funny moments, it definitely doesn't have the humour that Buffy, Angel or Firefly had, but its more serious, and probably closer to the real world in so much as there is no supernatural and the technology probably isn't as far off as we think

The first scene surprised me. I didn't think we'd see how Echo became an Active, instead I thought it was going to be a big mystery, whether she chose to be there or whether she was forced. Of course there's still the mystery as to why she felt it was her only option. Not to mention how she heard of this highly illegal operation in the first place

After crashing her bike, this girl decides that its a good idea to leave her helmet behind. What happens if she crashes again?? Driving into the Chinese restuarant/club was also kind of suprising. I thought she was going to be chasing him and once they got off the bikes she was going to start beating him up!!! But the birthday party was a suprise.

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SVU-Retro [08 Mar 2009|11:14am]
The ignorance of some people is amazing. Its one thing to believe that HIV and AIDS we made in a lab by a government or drug company, but to believe that the two aren't connected and that they're harmless?? The doctor here was just a conspiracy nut but it seemed that the reason the woman went along with it was because she didn't like hte fact that the antiretrovirals made her really sick, which is actually for a fairly common occurance

Didn't realise you could drop babies at firehouses in New York. Although this man picked a fairly bad time to do it seeing as the fireman were on a call out. Very convenient though that the woman who left the baby happened to be the passanger he turned the camera off for

Although what happened to the baby was clearly a result of neglect, I'm still not sure why it was a special victims case. Yes there was a child involved but there was no sexual element to what was going on

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SVU-Swing [08 Mar 2009|11:13am]

I really like how they've starting giving the characters lives outside the squad room in SVU and Criminal Intent, but I feel that they're going a bit too far with Elliot. Maybe because he has five kids there are more stories to tell but it would be nice if one of the kids could have a normal quite life. By now I think only Dickie is left in that category!

When I first saw the girl in the shower, I thought for sure that she was going to end up being attacked, instead she was the criminal, which was surprising. But something has to be wrong with someone who is so calm about taking a shower in a stranger's house after breaking in

Why was Olivia there first?? Should they have called Elliot if it was his daughter who was involved? The way he tried to convince the owners not to press charges, its not surprising they wanted to report him

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SVU-Confession [08 Mar 2009|11:12am]

It's been a couple of weeks since I saw this episode, but here we go!

The concept behind this episode was interesting, but it highlighted such a flaw in most criminal justice systems. Everyone is so horrified by the idea of paedophilia that a person who feels they may have these tendencies can't come forward for help to stop themselves. It seems strange that everyone is so concerned about protecting children, but a child has to be hurt before anyone will do something. I guess if anyone tried to start a private program they would be accused of supporting paedophiles  and nobody would want the place built in their area.

I kind of admire this guy for trying to get help, but going into a police station and talking like you're crazy may not have been the best approach. Maybe he should have gone to a therapist, but then the therapist probably would have gone to the police saying the step brother was in danger

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SVU-Trials [08 Feb 2009|01:00pm]
I should know this episode really well, seeing as I watched it twice, but no doubt I will end up forgetting something! Except for the new ADA, there didn't seem to be anything really special about this episode, especially for a season opener. Actually the story seemed a little weak, a abused boy who wasn't being abused led the detectives to think hey, maybe the foster father's a serial rapist???

I loved the actor who played the little boy, his attitude was great :)

Ok new ADA, so far I have to say that I don't like her. There's something about her attitude towards the work, she's looking for someone to be abused or assaulted. She'd probably be better off being a motivational speaker. And I think that there are going to be a lot of references back to her work in DC. It seems to be becoming a standard thing that the detectives are hostile towards new ADAs because they miss their old one.

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SVU Fic-A Random Thought [08 Feb 2009|12:58pm]
Title: A Random Thought
Rating: PG
Characters: Alex Cabot
Disclaimer: not mine
A/N: written for [info]lawandorder100 fire/flame challenge. Set during Loss

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Angel Fic-Through the Cracks (R) [08 Feb 2009|12:56pm]
Title: Through the Cracks
Rating: R (sexual scenes & one swear word)
Characters: Wesley/Fred, background Gunn/Fred
Disclaimer: not mine
Summary: Every night he watches her and imagines what could have been
A/N: written for [info]oxoniensis Porn Battle VII prompt-Angel, Wesley/Fred, glimpses

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Buffy Fic-Midnight Snacks [26 Jan 2009|11:48pm]
Title: Midnight Snacks
Rating: G
Characters: Xander, Giles & OC
Disclaimer: not mine
A/N: written for [info]open_on_sunday  down under challenge, post Chosen

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SVU Fic-Dinner Time [25 Jan 2009|06:18pm]
Title: Dinner Time
Rating: G
Characters: Elliot & family
A/N: written for lawandorder100 crowd challenge on LJ

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Jossverse Icons & Fanart [25 Jan 2009|05:08pm]

From[info]still_grrr prompts 81-85

Credit & comments are great, hotlinking & claiming as your own are not :)

Wallpapers are clickable


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CI Fic-Tea With Teddy [18 Jan 2009|01:05am]
Title: Tea With Teddy
Rating: G
Characters: Bobby & Alex
Disclaimer: Not mine
A/N: written for the [info]lawandorder100 cast challenge
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Buffy Fic-Under Her Bed [18 Jan 2009|01:04am]
Title: Under Her Bed
Rating: G
Characters: Dawn
Disclaimer: Not mine
A/N: written for </a></font></b></a>[info]open_on_sunday box challenge

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CI Fic-Her Way [18 Jan 2009|01:03am]
Title: Her Way
Rating: G
Characters: Alex & Bobby
Disclaimer: not mine
A/N: written for </a></font></b></a>[info]lawandorder100 regret challenge

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SGA-Search & Rescue [18 Jan 2009|01:02am]
So I decided I wasn't going to wait to see season 5. Especially with the way channel 7 has not been showing it lately. If I waited for it to be on tv I'd probably be waiting until 2010, if I was lucky!

This one wasn't bad for a season opener, wrapping up all the cliffhangers from the end of last season. But for me, the whole John as the hero of the episode really didn't work. Basically he seemed to go on a mission AMA with the threat of a court martial hanging over his head, and except for a neat bit of piloting at the beginning, Ronon and Rodney could have pulled the mission off on their own. Plus the naming of the baby as just wrong, but more about that later :)

Wondered where the pictures of this scene with John and Teyla had come from. It really seems like they were pushing for a romance between them with this scene. But only a hallucination, as all stargate romances tend to be.
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Jossverse Fanart & Icons [18 Jan 2009|12:56am]
For </a></font></b></a>[info]still_grrr prompts 073-80

Credit & comments are great, hotlinking and claiming as your own are not :)

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Angel Fic-No Shorter [18 Jan 2009|12:55am]
Title: No Shorter
Rating: G
Characters/Pairing: Angel
A/N: For </a></font></b></a>[info]open_on_sunday</lj> shortest/longest prompt
He remembered something Faith once told him. How she used to believe her good deeds would always outweigh the bad deeds she committed.

After he learned of the prophecy he thought he could see the light at the end of the tunnel. That maybe in some way, she was right. That one day he would be able to put down his sword

But how did it balance? How could saving one person make up for the terror he deliberately inflicted on another? In the end you couldn’t compare the two, they weren’t the same.
His list was getting no shorter
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CI-Frame [18 Jan 2009|12:51am]
So annoying, I have to type this up again because auto-save really doesn't work :(

I've been looking foward to this episode since it aired in the US, but after seeing it I feel like there was more they could have done with it. There seemed to be so much they wanted to put in the story that there wasn't enough time to see the character's reactions, especially Bobby and Alex's. It probably would have been better as a two parter, but with the way they use the two sets of detectives it probably wouldn't have worked out so well. That isn't to so though that it wasn't a good episode!

Starting out the episode with the end of a case was different, although the acting seemed a bit weak. I loved it when the girl lunged across the table and Bobby just picked her up as though she weighed nothing. I also liked that Alex recognised what day it was and offered to do Bobby's paperwork :)
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CI-Last Rites [18 Jan 2009|12:50am]
The end of an era I guess, Mike Logan's final episode. Although I liked how they left it open for him to come back, it did seem a little vague, as though he was just considering whether to retire, not that it was a definite. I think that for people who don't follow it online or anything like that they'll probably be expecting him back next season

This is all very vague, we don't even see the face of the murderer. Actually its also kind of unusual that that we don't see the crime being committed, although I guess that's because its a cold case. A priest in the mix though? That's going to make things tricky :(

Obviously the were going for the wow factor with the shot of Wheeler in her dress, but I don't think she looked that good. Especially with the event she was going to it seemed like a long dress would have been a better choice. And I'm not sure what she was still doing at the office anyway

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Buffy Icons-When She Was Bad [18 Jan 2009|12:49am]
For </a></font></b></a>[info]fantas_magoria</lj> When She Was Bad challenge

Credit & comments are great, hotlinking & claiming as your own are not :)

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CI-Neighbourhood Watch [18 Jan 2009|12:48am]
This was one of those episodes were the subject matter really pissed me off, because there really are people like that out there. Those people who just hear the word sex offender & start driving the person out of the community. Not that I support sex offenders but I have a real problem calling people who committed statutory rape with their girlfriend or boyfriend sex offenders, lumping them in with the really dangerous people like peadophiles. People who fall into this mob mentality as soon as they hear the words, in just makes them seems incredibly unintelligent. They usually tended to be fairly bigoted in other ways, which can make them just as dangerous

See mob mentality, everyone starts gossiping about this guy & he ends up headless in the river :( And hwo is having people who are so carefree about committing murder any safer to have in the neighbourhood than a sex offender. And apparently we have a corrupt cop. Shouldn't somebody in his precinct have noticed that he was giving all these tickets to the one person?

Even though Wheeler suggested they throw the case back, it was probably a good thing they didn't consider the attitude other people were displaying
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